a question by silly Sam.

What is the meaning of life?

afbeelding van Capt KRik

or this maybe, if you believe in dogma's....

afbeelding van Capt KRik

The meaning of life is not a question that is easy to answer.. I read a book where a computer has to think about it 14 milion years and it comes up with a design of a computer that will take it 5 bilion years to answer it. That second computer is called 'Earth'. We are part of the answer.

The meaning of life is 'what I think' that your goal is to be happy, constantly striving towards that goal. You may be set back every now and then, but never lose the sight of that goal. When you are in love. or lost it, got children and see how they do. It is not about what you achieve, but the way you strive towards it, towards happiness (and maybe reach it too!). And bloody well get satisfaction out of the way to reach it!

I really hope you are (or will be) happy, because I am happier than Ive ever been in my whole life. But on the other hand..... maybe we will never know.....



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